New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician

Whether you are a professional theologian or a new Christian convert, you will receive a unique understanding of the New Testament from this commentary written by a mathematician. New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician reveals many previously unrevealed truths from the Gospel that are revealed only through thorough study that resolves seeming contradictions in God's word, which is 100% true.


New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician

New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician

While there are many commentaries on various books of the Bible, many are simply a rehashing of previous material that has been taught by others over the previous decades. While this is understandable to a certain extent since the Bible declares that “there is no new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), this does not mean there are not yet unrevealed truths to learn from the word of God.

“New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician” deals with this seeming contradiction by showing the biblical pattern for understanding and interpreting so-called “contradictions” found in the Bible, thus showing they are not contradictions at all. Unlike other works which deal with specific passages, Victor Porton provides an excellent foundation to be used for combatting the never-ending criticism that attempts to find problems with seemingly every verse in the Bible.

John Robinson, the leader of the Pilgrims who remained behind to minister to those of his flock who stayed behind in Holland said to those who boarded the Mayflower, “For I am verily persuaded the Lord hath more truth yet to break forth out of his Holy Word.”

The ensuing centuries have revealed the prophetic truth of his statement as we now know things such as what Daniel meant when he said “many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

Up until the time of the “iron horse” the average speed of human travel was a few miles a day. Since the days of the railroad man has been travelling at ever faster speeds. Likewise, with the advent of the computer age our rate of knowledge has increased and the ability of a person to access it is at a level unheard of for thousands of years of human history.

The truth of this verse was unknown for the vast majority of church history. As we are now in these end times, God has many more truths to reveal and “New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician” reveals just some of these great truths.

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