Chapter 13 Further readings

I have not put into this book a commentary on Mt. 10:33; Mrk. 8:38; Luk. 9:26; Luk. 12:8-9 and some other verses. For information on them and many other interesting things see my other book “End of Gospel.”

Now that you have read and seen some interesting examples of interpretations of the New Testament not found anywhere else, I would encourage you to visit my website about Old Testament:

Here you will learn a simple method of reading ancient Hebrew grammar without vowels. You will be amazed at how easy it is to read without having to follow the unnecessary rules about vowels. If you would desire, you are welcome to help me translate and interpret the entire Old Testament, as it was written without vowels, using the methods shown here. There is much work involved and your help would be welcome and needed.  

If you don't want or have the time, or prefer not to work, I would still encourage you to please visit the site and read my commentary on Old Testament. While the information is not complete, what is there will open your eyes to yet more revelations from God’s holy word.

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