The mission of the Gospel is to transform people’s brains into powerful computers (so we can throw away our laptops and smartphones like a prosthesis, no longer needing them). God created us to be computers but sin (the devil’s attack on our mind) made us unable to operate as computers.

The author of this book has a unique experience to be transformed into a superman with a computer brain for a limited amount of time (like a month). So the purpose of the Gospel has been attained. It is but a small step to resolve the remaining problems with people’s brains, but essentially this is already done.

Thus the Gospel has accomplished its mission and should be switched to the next stage.

Read in my book about how I was a sinless superman: breaking steel, running at car speed, and most importantly, performing calculations in my mind at lightning fast speed like a computer, and how I lost it and became a sinful man like you again.

It remains yet a little while until full victory of the Gospel is archived, when all we will become computers.