Gospel can be called a teaching about humility, and humility is an important thing. Because this is an important thing, we were proud that we are ministers of the gospel, instead of to be humble.

Now we can define God once more. God is the one whose wisdom is Christ.

And finally, how the wisdom relates with peace? Just simple, wisdom is internal peace.

Christ was on the earth in the appearance of a man. They killed him. After this, some of the killers realized that they have killed the peace on the earth, leaving mankind without hope.

Christ goes to his Father. But he does not move. He is like a river (a river moves and does not move at the same time) in the same way Christ goes to his Father, but Christ does not move.

But after the eternity of eternities will pass, Christ will come to the Father and become the same as the Father. When a child grows to full age, he becomes the same as his father. Christ is the Son of God.

In other words, Jesus is just a guest from infinitely far future when men reach the development level of God.

Soul is the warranty (given by God) for body (including warranty of preservation of information in the brain).

Now I realize that my faith was not better than of a prostitute.

Free salvation is believing that the most important thing we receive not for money. Prostitution is the opinion that we need money for something as important as sex. Thus these are opposite.

We thought that Paul, Peter, and the rest of apostles were among the first men. No, the gospel says that they are among the last.

I also suppose (from purely historical, not religious positions) that probably the initial purpose of Christian icons was to display these who are under anathema so that all would know them… An icon is an anathema.

I was really the biggest of sinners.

Thus follows that evangelization should not be our main purpose. Instead, we need humility before each other and before unbelieving people… If we need to choose between evangelization and humility, we should choose humility because it influences the process behind the scene.

I decided to destabilize the world situation using spiritual powers and to make thermonuclear war.

So I was unable, for example, to be hired for a job. All people around were my enemies.

I had the following theological reasoning: … the propitiation for our sins doesn’t work and all living people (except me) would go to hell… Note that I meant not that the world actually would be not saved because of me, but just that I had a theological misunderstanding.

But if you husband regularly beat you? Only to plead God to make him more kind or indeed to leave him until you yourself will have a hole in the head, big enough for a demon to enter through it?

I think the meaning of this utterance of Jesus is that he is drawing the analogy between the delicate problem of sexual relations and the material (tangible) and then more understandable issue of dwelling houses.

So it developed that there are two sides, each of which has a half of understanding of matrimonial relations; one, the understanding of the necessity of living together, and the other, understanding of fleshly matters.

About Holy Spirit’s force in me

After I converted, I thought that somebody has turned on a lamp or that the sun came out of the clouds. No, nobody turned on the lamp; my eyes changed.

Three days after the conversion, I came out to the street and was very much wondered. I was seeing not one tree and not only the whole wood, but I was seeing every tree simultaneously! My attention was focused at every tree I was seeing at the same time, not one or two trees.

I found myself remembering anything, all events in the years of my life, everything.

A very hard gift was telepathy. It was torturous to hear many awkward curses and stupid thoughts in the minds of people.

Once, I was sitting in a school in front of a computer and programming. Unexpectedly, I found that I have calculated in mind what my program for the computer should compute. I calculated myself without the computer!

I found that I was moving my hands with the speed above the speed of sound.

So I found myself sometimes being able to calculate faster than a computer.

Can you imagine what would happen if I remained a computer for a long time? Wouldn’t I, for example, prevent the economical crisis by calculating the state of economics? Wouldn’t I build a thermonuclear reactor to eliminate dependency on the oil?

On Apocalypse

In this chapter, I ask, “Can apocalypse be canceled?”

Revelation chapter 8 describes the catastrophe of the near future which is comparable only with the great diluvian; a big comet should fall onto Earth and kill most of the people.

Unbelieving would not be able to explain how the author of the Bible knows what happens when a comet falls onto Earth.

The censor (comet) is golden; much richness falls from heaven for greedy people to be sacrificed!

By the way, now it is not wonderful that in the New World (after the second coming of Christ), gold will be used for street covering instead of asphalt.

The cosmic dust flying with the comet will produce giant hailstones condensing in the atmosphere. These giant hailstones, the biggest in the history of mankind, will help meteorites, beating people and mixing with their blood.

So the next distress is hunger. Many people will kill each other and eat people’s flesh.

From now on, for any reasonable Bible reader, it should be obvious that Revelation 8 describes a falling comet, so exactly it is described.

These bacteria are of the red color and so the water will become red, like blood.

May apocalypse be canceled? It is addressed to the slaves of God… But we are now friends of God, not slaves. We were slaves in the age of the gospel.