Imagine a blind person who was told to not come near to the edge of an abyss. Because he is blind he does not know where the edge is and so he is forced not to move at all, because he receives fear.

The same happens if we try to follow commandments of Bible without knowing the reasons behind these commandments.

Many preachers say that God gave us commandments and want us to be obedient without knowing the reasons behind the commandments. But to obey commandments without knowing the reasons behind them is life accordingly slavery of a law rather than accordingly grace and is a spiritual blindness. This is a false teaching, but rather we need to know the reasons of commandments to follow them not like that blind person but reasonably.

If we don't know where lies the edge of the commandments of the Gospel, we live in fear of violating the commandments.

If we don't know where is the edge of "love of money", we cannot earn money and live in poverty because every financial benefit looks for us as a greediness which we should avoid.

If we do not know where is the edge of prostitution, every woman becomes for us a an insurmountable obstacle. We should not enter into "some" relations with a woman, but what is this "some"?

Or also spiritual blindness in the past led me to this behavior: Not understanding what some biblical commandments mean, I choosed these ways which lead me to persecutions (or religious discrimination), because I considered religious discrimination as a criterion of piety (and sometimes this was the only criterion, because I dind't know other criteria).

Even worse, from having wrong understanding of the reasons behind God's commandments, our minds can fall into contradictions.

My book explains some hidden reasons of New Testament, so you after reading it won't anymore be a blind follower of commandments of the Bible.

After reading this book, you can cease to live accordingly a law and begin to live accordingly the faith.